Thursday, July 12, 2012


President Paul Biya
*    “Culture is totality of human, moral social and esthetic values through which Cameroonians identify with as sons and daughters of the same fatherland. Culture is the back bone of unity”
*     “The new cultural policy of Cameroon can be summarized by the concept of cultural spiritualism… As such, culture is a school of responsibility where men and women come out ready to assume and accept the common values they assigned to themselves”.
“To promote the values of our culture, we must create opportunities for artists and men of culture from all walks of life to get to privileged platforms like the Palais des Congres and other halls in other administrative units”.
*    “To be visible, any culture must have the means and appropriate platforms for its expression and promotion or valorization”.

*    “Our diversity and rich cultural heritage will benefit more by being known, by being exploited, and by being valorized and marketed abroad”.

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